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Board Chairman


Foreword​ by the Chairman of Kafalah's board
In accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the wise leadership is keen and interested in the importance of small and medium enterprises and believes that it plays a key role in increasing the contribution of the Kingdom’s GDP by 20% to 35%. Therefore, based on its importance, “Kafalah” is a Financing Guarantee Program for Small and Medium businesses led by its board of directors. and, in collaboration with the SME Bank, the program strives to keep pace by integrating local and international partners to provide products and services through innovative digital channels, we will be able to meet the vision's goals and open up financing opportunities for SME. By achieving a sustainable business model based on international best practices, and encourage financial institutions to deal with small and medium businesses
Abdulrahman bin Mohammad bin Mansour
Chairman of Kafalah's board