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How to become a Beneficiary of Kafalah?

Steps to obtain the financing guarantee from Kafalah Program

In the event that the SME owner desires to obtain financing from one of the financing entities cooperating with Kafalah Program, this requires applying directly to one of the cooperating financiers, obtaining the financing request under the guarantee of the Program and meeting all the information contained in the application form. Copies of all the required documents related to the activity must be attached to this request​. The financier studies and evaluates the financing request submitted by the client in accordance with the applicable standards of the financier. In the event that the financier approves the required financing granting, it communicates with the Program, provides documents, initially approves to grant the required financing and requests the Program guarantee signed by the client, then the Program studies and evaluates the request and in the event of approval of issuing the guarantee, the Program notifies the financier and the client of the approval to issue the guarantee in order to complete the necessary procedures to obtain the financing.​